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How We Are Different

Why Choose Our Firm Over the Traditional Experience?

The Traditional Lawyer Experience: In the conventional legal process, you'd typically meet with an attorney who might make things seem complex. Despite feeling that your lawyer is knowledgeable, you nod and answer questions even if you're not entirely clear on everything. Your attorney prepares documents, you sign them, and you put your estate planning binder on a shelf, feeling relieved.

However, down the road, you might forget important details, like moving your bank accounts into your trust. When you contact your lawyer for help, you often end up waiting hours or even days for a response. And, receiving unexpected bills for legal services can be frustrating.

Most people end up avoiding their traditional lawyer, even when life changes, such as refinancing your home or updating guardianship choices. It's only when a significant life event occurs or when you pass away that your family realizes the outdated nature of your plan.

Why We're Different: Our firm was designed with growing families in mind. We understand that you're busy, ambitious, and focused on building a prosperous life. You want legal solutions that are efficient and convenient.

You're not just planning for your financial future; you're raising children, caring for parents, and working hard to secure your family's well-being. Our goal is to provide you with the best options to support your family.

We've created systems to give you access to a Personal Family Lawyer® who can guide you in building and maintaining a life of prosperity and wealth. Our flat-fee billing, open communication, and proactive approach ensure that your plan stays current and works throughout your lifetime.

We're not just focused on your financial wealth; we recognize that your intellectual, spiritual, and human assets are equally valuable. We aim to help you pass on not just your money but also your values, insights, stories, and experiences – the intangible assets your loved ones treasure the most.

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PS -- Concerned about the cost? It's a valid concern, but let me clarify. Qualifying for our services is more affordable than the potential consequences of being unprepared. In the event of incapacity or an ineffective plan upon your passing, the financial impact on your family can be substantial. Plus, we've always found a way to make this essential planning accessible to our clients. Creative financing options are available because we firmly believe that this planning is the cornerstone of a successful life!

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